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Advantages to Implementing a UCaaS Strategy

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

Businesses today face new challenges, many of which didn’t exist a decade or two ago. Disruptions in traditional supply chains, as well as slimmer margins, are pushing businesses to find intelligent ways to meet their operational needs, including with regard to telecommunications. UCaaS, short for Unified Communications as a Service, addresses these concerns.

What is UCaaS?

The UCaaS model addresses businesses’ needs with respect to phoned, conferencing, email, messaging, and other bespoke solutions, provided over the internet; having all of these services in one solution streamlines a business’ operations while also reducing costs to set up an in-house solution by engaging a cloud communications provider instead. Other benefits include:

  • Ease of upgrading to newest technology
  • Integration across distant locations
  • No on-site hardware to manage
  • Less IT staff needed to manage communication platform
  • Protection from disaster

Unified communications puts all your employees on the same phone system, with all services from one provider; other features you have the option of utilizing include access to a virtual receptionist, music on hold, directory assistance, extension dialing, virtual office call recording, and more. Read one of our customer’s cloud communications success stories here.

Why are businesses shifting to cloud communications?

Many companies are shifting away from on-premise communications solutions out of frustration, high prices, unexpected outages, failure to integrate with other software, and a lack of functionality.  In the cloud, there is access to customizable communication applications. Flexibility, customization, and cost are major reasons business are moving to the cloud for their communication needs. Unified communications also simplifies scaling up and down, serving as a great option for growing businesses as well as for seasonal industries, where the capacity needed for communication services may be variable.

Bottom Line

If your business is looking to simplify its communications infrastructure, Aspen Leaf Networks can partner with you to craft a bespoke solution to meet your business’ exact needs.

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