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The Top 5 Benefits of SD-WAN

by | Jul 5, 2021 | Uncategorized

Speed is always growing more important in today’s world; people want things fast. Fast food, fast cars, and possibly most of all, fast internet. Waiting for anything can feel like a death sentence, but for businesses, latency can be a major competitive disadvantage. In the tech world, solutions have worked to make business processes quicker and quicker, but this need for speed seems to have left the underlying network behind. The evolution of computing has caused a disruption in traditional network capabilities. As a result, businesses now seek solutions to network latency; SD-WAN is an example. In addition to improved performance reliability, SD-WAN offers businesses some benefits that will have your executives making the switch.

1) Business Agility

SD-WAN facilitates the rapid deployment of WAN services, such as bandwidth and firewall. As a result of this, businesses can distribute operations to branch sites without the need to send IT personnel. Bandwidth can also be added or reduced easily as business requirements evolve, giving businesses extra agility to stay ahead of competitors.

2) Internet Economics

SD-WAN gives you an additional layer of reliability, ensuring that internet connectivity (cable, DSL, and Ethernet) is widely available and quick to deploy. This is done at a fraction of the cost of equivalent MPLS circuits, providing reliable and secure WAN service at price points companies can afford.

3) Optimized Cloud Architecture

SD‐WAN optimizes networks to easily and quickly connect to cloud-based applications. It eliminates the backhaul penalties of traditional MPLS networks and provides secure, high‐performance connections to the cloud. With SD-WAN, experiences when using the cloud/SaaS‐based applications are improved.

4) Ease of Adoption and Management

Speaking of speed, one of the key benefits of SD‐WAN is that it makes deploying WAN services fast and simple. SD‐WAN solutions are straightforward to deploy and offer automated setup and traffic monitoring, making them easy to manage.

5) Migrate to Hybrid WAN

If your business already has MPLS deployed to its branch offices, you may be thinking that you don’t need to incorporate SD-WAN. However, the benefits of operating a hybrid network may have you rethinking. Your business can seamlessly deploy SD‐WAN solutions without changing its existing MPLS network. With SD-WAN, your business can migrate traffic growth toward a more cost‐effective Internet bandwidth.

It’s no secret that Cloud Technology was a game changer for many businesses, with its ability to offer fast deployment, flexibility and customization at an affordable cost; SD-WAN is no different. SD-WAN is changing the network paradigm to bring enterprises where they need to be for modern computing. The reality is that, without SD-WAN companies are not operating at their full potential. It’s like only using 30% of your brain; imagine what can be accomplished if you utilize the other 70%. If you’re looking for tips on how to utilize 100% of your network, get in contact with us today!

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